Summer’s coming to an end, school’s starting and we’re gearing up for our Women’s Ministry Fall Bible Studies. In both the Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon class, we will be doing a 9-week study of the book, “Women of the Bible Speak” by Shannon Bream. 


Wednesday Class (6:00-7:00 PM)    Sept 15 – Nov 10  (Adult Education Wing Downstairs 

Room P103)

Thursday Class     (1:00-2:30 PM)    Sept 16 – Nov 11  (Fellowship Hall)


The book focuses on the lives of sixteen women of the Bible, arranging them in pairs and contrasting their journeys (including Rachel & Leah, Tamar & Ruth, Hannah & Miriam, Mary & Martha and Mary, Mother of Jesus & Mary Magdalene). The author gives us a deeper understanding of each woman along with wisdom and insights that can help us in our lives today. By examining them, we can understand what it means for us to be women of faith.


Each week, we’ll discuss a chapter of the book that highlights the two women for that week and have a teacher-led discussion of that chapter. So, if you cannot attend each session, that’s okay, since the study and discussion of the new chapter is not dependent on the week before. For the first class, you will need to have read Chapter 1 — Sarah and Hagar: Women of the Covenants. 


Books are available from Amazon for $15.58. You may order one for yourself or we can get your book for you. If you would like for us to get your book, the cost will be $16.00. Lin Barnes will be ordering the books. Contact her at or 214-460-1861 (text).  Deadline for her to order is Wed. Sept. 1st. Books would be available for pickup from the church office by Wed. Sept. 8. That gives you a week to read Chapter 1 and be prepared for the first class.   


Note: Please be prepared to pay for your book at pick-up and have either exact cash or pay by check made out to First Baptist Church Whitesboro. 


We are looking forward to seeing everyone and very excited for this new study! We hope you decide to join us!