FBCW Sunday School gives adults a place to connect, study God’s word, and encourage one another as we learn how to live and love like Jesus.

Our Sunday School classes are open to everyone and welcome visitors. With groups for all ages or life stages, everyone in your family can find a class that’s a perfect fit. Every group is warm and welcoming!

We meet Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. We have discovered that the most meaningful friendships are found among those who spend time in God’s Word, hang out together regularly, and serve together. 

Listed below are the class opportunities for Sunday School. 

Keith & Michelle Hough  This group is 18-25 years old. The class members are starting a career, attending college or trade school. This group connects by using life application Bible Study.


Josh Hammock  This group is typically 25-40 years of age. Many are married and have children. This group utilizes a focused study time which leads to discussion for life application and enjoy quarterly fellowships.


Kevin & Stephanie Heady This group is 24–mid 30’s. There is a wide variety of participants — married, single, newly married, engaged, and some have young children. They study the Bible by using a variety of teaching methods which leads to life application of God’s Word.  This group enjoys regular fellowships outside of Sunday mornings.


Steve Schultz  The members of this group are typically retired or nearly retired men and women who have been or are married. Most of the group have grown children and many have grandchildren. Bible teaching is mainly lecture style with a blending of discussion.


Sid Brannan  Group members are typically older men and women. Bible teaching is typically lecture style with discussion and questions encouraged.  


Bill Crisp  Group members are senior adult men and women. The regular teaching style is lecture with questions while considering the historical setting of each lesson.


Byrle White  This group is generally 40 to 50 years of age. Most of children who are grown or close to it! Bible study may begin with the leader presenting the lesson but questions and discussion are encouraged. This group also looks for service opportunities and schedules multiple fellowship events through the year.


Bill Hayes  This group are all empty-nest couples. Bible lessons are taught by asking questions with a great deal of discussion.


Kyle Eddings  Group members are older retired men and women. Bible study is mostly lecture with a sweet family atmosphere among it’s participants.  


Doug Mitchell  This group is primarily married couples who are 40 to 60 years of age. Bible lessons focus on life application with a significant amount of discussion and interaction. This group also looks for service opportunities and schedules multiple fellowship events through the year. 


Bill Bethel  This group includes married and single men and women. Their ages range from late 30s to early 70s. The teaching style varies week to week but it is generally expository teaching with discussion. Prayer requests and praises are central to this group’s connection with each other.


Susan Bateman  This group includes married and single adult women. The Bible study time is teacher lead and guided with discussion and participation strongly encouraged. Group members take part in all aspects of the class (reading the lesson and scripture, answering and asking questions). This group also focuses time on fellowship, prayer, support, encouragement and mission work.


Judy Daugett  This group consists of women of a diverse age. Bible lessons are teacher guided. The ladies are also pushed to understand, challenge, and apply the lesson through interactive discussion for those who feel led to weigh-in. This group uses a private social media group for further discussion, information, and prayer requests.


Mabel Samples  The ladies in this group are 70 years of age all the way to heaven! They are married but many are widowed. Bible lessons are a mixture of lecture and discussion. A microphone is used to help those who have trouble hearing. The group sits in a circle so all can see and interact with each other. Group members are given the opportunity to read or pray if they desire.


Charlotte Taylor  This group of ladies is our newest Bible Fellowship. Members are diverse in age. Bible lessons are lecture in style with open question and discussion time.


Dale Alsup  The members of this group are primarily men 50+ years in age. This group has been working their way through the Bible, book by book, using a combination of lecture and discussion.


All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17