Letter from Bro. Mike

Message from Bro. Mike and Deacon officers about Corona Virus response

Letter from Bro. Mike

Dearest church family,

These are unprecedented times for America and for First Baptist Church of Whitesboro as well…Obviously, our nation has certainly experienced outbreaks in the past, but none in recent memory that have risen to this extreme.  If you add to that the media coverage…we are prone to forgo faith and at times feel like we should give up.  Please read the following message from Bro. Mike and our deacon officers:  3 Things for us to know in these troubling times

1. We need to allow faith, not fear to drive our decisions.  Let us explain what that does not mean: It doesn’t mean that we throw caution to the wind and just ignore the reality of this virus.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t take every precaution that is available to us.  

But it does mean that we live in a way that shows our trust and faith is in no other than the all powerful Lord our God.  Seasons like this come and seasons like this go – what we need to be aware of is to buy up opportunities to share our faith in Christ and Him alone to provide for His children.  

2. Know that your church leadership view the responsibility to care for the people of FBCW and our community very seriously.  We know that we are charged to shepherd the flock of God by our Good Shepherd Himself.  This includes caring for the whole person – body, soul and spirit.  In that spirit allow us to encourage you to stay home from our church gatherings if you have been coughing, running fever or are at high risk(e.g. your immune system is compromised, etc.)  At this time(Friday evening – we are planning to have Sunday morning services as usual – should a decision be made to change that you will be alerted via email and text message as soon as possible.) 

We also need to be aware to all be looking for opportunities to care for each other in these times…spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Look for ways to minister to those in your circle of influence with ways that will not involve direct human contact.  

We plan to have a team in place sanitizing door handles, offering plates, bathrooms and other high contact areas before and after each service…if you’d like to help with this ministry – please contact one of us. 

3. Know that God was not surprised by this virus. This does not mean that God caused this to happen…our theology doesn’t allow us to believe that God is the cause of all things…but we do know that according to what Paul wrote us in Romans 8.28 

28 We know that all things work together  for the good  of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.  

 The Holy Bible: Holman Christian Standard Version. (Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers, 2009), Ro 8:28.

This verse doesn’t tell us that God makes all things happen – for He does not.  

This verse doesn’t tell us that all things that happen will be good – for they are not. 

But this verse does tell us…That whatever happens, good or bad, God can use it for our good if we so allow Him.  So we ask you to be wise as you pray 

So we ask you to do a couple of things in the coming days…

First and foremost – Pray. 

  • Ask the Lord to use this in a way that will glorify His name in our city and our country.  
  • Remember as you pray that God can take even the worst disasters and turn them into good.  
  • Pray for lost men and women to come to faith in Christ Jesus through this crisis.  
  • Pray for your church leadership as we navigate through this crisis.

Secondly – care for one another.

  • Be sensitive to the needs of others – especially those who are most at risk – if you are going to the store, Call a couple of our Senior Adult members and ask if they need anything and then buy it and bring it to them.
  • Check on one another – be on the phones and keep in touch with the church family. 
  • Encourage one another – remember that the fear that people experience in a crisis is very real to them whether or not it is to you – please be sensitive to their feelings and needs. 

Third – remember that the ministry of the church continues and may even need to increase as we respond to this crisis.  

  • There is an economic basis to everything – even ministry in the church.
  • Please continue to give faithfully to the Lord’s work so that we may continue to minister in the power of Jesus’ name.  
    • If you are unable to attend services please mail your tithe to the church office at 124 Center St. Whitesboro, Tx. 76273
  • Call the church office or any staff member or deacon as you see needs come up that we may be able to meet.  

Let’s keep our faith in God stronger than ever as we go through this together and we believe that we will see victory from above as we continue trusting our Lord God. 

Bro. Mike Flanagan, Pastor

Deacon officers – David Bertino, Bobby Burnett and Mike Haynie

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